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End of Season Ticklist

Couch Surfing at Cloud 9Couch Surfing at Cloud 9When I was 12, skiing Lake Tahoe in Levis and thinking I was cooler than the guy in the stretch pants (I was, wasn’t I?) I wore this sweatshirt with a picture of a mountain and a stick figure whizzing down it that said, “My life is going downhill.” No pun intended at age 12, but I do stop and wonder every now and then at the fact that I’m still spending an inordinate amount of time, in effect, simply pointing them.

A similar sequence plays out each and every day: Get on chair, get clunked on the head by over-eager safety bar zealot, get off chair, buckle boots to the brink of searing shin pain, ski down hill; repeat. Really, it seems kind of inane. Here we go again...Wheee!!

Yet I’ve been doing it for 32 years, and 12 of those have been around 90 days a season, here in Aspen.

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Fourteeners: Before It's Too Late!

Trailhead of Grays: View from the trail head of GraysTrailhead of Grays: View from the trail head of GraysASPEN, CO -The mornings in Aspen are getting frostier and the nights more crisp. This can only mean one thing, summer's on its way out and it's time to take full advantage of the last few warm weeks we've got left. Colorado, known primarily by its visitors for winter activities, is actually home to some of most exciting and enjoyable summers found across the United States. Agreeable, seventy-something temperatures and sunshine for days are paired with landscapes fit for the gods. Summer activities in Colorado give the winter classics a serious run for their money. Among the top contenders: whitewater rafting, mountain and road-biking and my personal favorite, hiking fourteeners! Not for the weak in spirit or strength, conquering these massive mountains leaves climbers with a true sense of accomplishment and self-reliance.

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High Def Premiere of Snowmass' 2009 Colorado Freeride TV Show

Wouldn’t it be awesome to huck a cliff, miss your landing and fall on your head, lose both skis and break a pole, while the whole country is watching? Extreme athletes are soon to be Reality TV stars, with the November 22 premiere of the Colorado Freeride TV Show.

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Hiking Trails: Roads to Nowhere

Many visitors to the Aspen area like to spend their time in the great outdoors rather than fancy hotel suites and handbag stores. Fortunately for these folks, the Roaring Fork Valley is blessed with a plethora of excellent Forest Service campsites.

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Hiking Trails: The Secret to Finding Tabor Lake

Those of you who’ve hiked the Tabor Creek Trail and brought a map along may have noticed that there is supposedly a lake in the Tabor Creek valley. You also may have noticed that the trail goes nowhere near any lakes as it meanders up to the pass at the head of the valley. If this has left you scratching your head in bewilderment, you’re not alone.

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Hiking Trails: Three Hidden Gems in Basalt

BASALT, CO - In the spring, when trails in the high country are still covered with snow, or even later in the summer when afternoon thunderstorms become a problem, it can be hard to find worthwhile hikes in the Aspen area.

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Hiking Trails: Two Beauties Near the Top of the Pass

One of the problems with many of the hikes in the Aspen area is that accessing the trailheads can be a bit of a chore. Anyone who has ever tried to reach the Capitol Lake or Grizzly Creek trailheads in a two-wheel-drive vehicle can tell you how difficult it can be.

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Hiking Trails: Two Great Fall Hikes Near Aspen

October is here, and thanks to the wet summer we endured in the high country this autumn has produced an amazing display of fall colors. Before the snow begins to fly in earnest, make a point of getting outside to experience all that the season has to offer in Aspen: crisp days, spectacular views and uncrowded trails.

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How the Bowl Gets Born - A Day in the Life of an Aspen Highlands Bootpacker

At 12,392, Aspen Highlands Bowl, aka the Bowl, may be the most fun you’ll ever have, in-bounds. Locals know it well, and hike and ski it often; regular visitors look forward to their annual hike up the Bowl and bring first-time visitors along, who feel like a zillion bucks upon their first summit.

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In Case You Don't Feel Like Skiing...

Even in Aspen, Colorado, it's no crime to admit that you are just not that into skiing or snowboarding. Maybe you never were. Or maybe that last run knocked all the snow out of you.

Either way, while your friends frolic down the slopes, you need something to do besides going to the movies over and over and over.

Do not despair. Aspen has lots to do.