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The 7th Annual Snowmass Chili Pepper and Brewfest: Spicy, Full-bodied Fun in the Aspen Snowmass Sun

Advanced Brew Festing - BYOPretzelsAdvanced Brew Festing - BYOPretzels ASPEN, CO -“Honey, you’ve got crumbs all over your lap,” said the woman to her companion, who was wolfing down a late-night slice at Goodfellas in Snowmass.

“Don’t worry,” he replied, matter-of-factly, the last of the pizza crust on his shirt. “When I stand up, they’ll all go away!”

Hard to argue with such micro-brew infused logic after a gorgeous summer evening of spicy chili, zesty hops and live music on the mountain. It was one of those magical summer weekends in the Aspen area, with strong and steady sunshine tempered only by the occasional floating cloud; no afternoon thunderstorms in sight. The 7th Annual Snowmass Chili Pepper and Brewfest was the perfect reason to spend the better half of two days on Fanny Hill.

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The Gant

During the winter and summer high season, visitors from around the world flock to Aspen for vacation. They will find a town chockfull of skiing glitterati, a brag-able dining scene, and first-class hotels. Additionally, it is difficult to miss the luxurious condo accommodations available for the discerning traveler.

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The Inn at Aspen

Guests to Aspen seeking the convenience of slope-side lodging, but lacking the vacation expense account of a Fortune 500 CEO should strongly consider staying at The Inn at Aspen. The Inn has a scenic dream location at the base of Buttermilk Mountain, making this ResortQuest property a great accommodation option for skiers, golfers, and adventurers seekers.

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The Little Nell

The peak of Aspen Mountain, or “Ajax” is about 11,200 feet in elevation. The mountain stands sentry over this quaint former silver-mining town, where thousands now flock to its famed powdery slopes for winter adventure or four seasons of unique outdoor fun.

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The Molly Gibson Lodge

Brushing up on your Victorian-era literature is definitely not par for the course before enjoying a stay at the Molly Gibson Lodge. But, in case you snoozed through high English class, here’s an annotated primer: In British novelist Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel Wives and Daughters, Molly Gibson’s is far from your typical, gentrified English country-sweetheart.

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The Woes and Wonders of Wireless in Dowtown Aspen

I got rid of my Netflix and my Comcast, within a month of each other. I filled out the Netflix survey, “why are you leaving us?” and cringed, checking financial reasons.

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Tyrolean Lodge

The region of Tyrol is extends through the Alps of western Austria along the border of German Bavaria. Just beyond the region’s busy capital of Innsbruck, 12,000-foot snowcapped peaks soar above the city, defining a uniquely European region filled with ski-able terrain, gondolas, and timeless alpine villages.

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Where Aspen's History Lies: Ute Cemetery "Walking with the Dead" Tour

Dean of the Dead:  Tour guide Mr. Weiler in his natural habitat at the “Walking With the Dead” tour of Ute Cemetery.Dean of the Dead: Tour guide Mr. Weiler in his natural habitat at the “Walking With the Dead” tour of Ute Cemetery.ASPEN, CO - I couldn't pin it down right away; the vague sense of atmospheric recognition. Then it struck like lightning--this was the cemetery I knew as a child. Before the fallacy was shattered by visiting a real one, I'd pictured dense thickets of thin barren trees, overgrown vegetation climbing weathered tombstones, and graves scattered randomly over rolling hills. I had long since abandoned such youthful horror-fantasies, accepting the unspectacular reality of bright green, organized, well kept scraps of flat land as the places we store our dead. Yet there I stood, in front of a place not so loosely resembling what I thought to be a laid to rest misconception, lost in rambling thought. My “Walking With the Dead” tour of Ute Cemetery was yet to begin.