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"It's RUMMAGE Time!!"

Rummage - American Gothic Portrait.: Bought at the Minturn Rummage Sale."American Gothic" print for $25.00!Rummage - American Gothic Portrait.: Bought at the Minturn Rummage Sale - American Gothic print for $25.00! ASPEN,CO I'm what many people call "thrifty"... not because I'm cheap but rather because I'm a regular at thrift stores, yard sales and especially the yearly Minturn Rummage Sale. "Why?" Well I think it's ridiculous to pay full price for anything and because Eagle County, as well as the surrounding areas, have quite a few places to find the coolest, trendiest, classiest AND least expensive clothing, antiques, shoes, household goods, furniture and just about everything else I might need on this journey through life, at an extremely cost efficient price!

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The 24 Hour Cycle: "Doom and Gloom" to "Hip Hip Hooray"

ASPEN, CO - Ahhh...the thrill of entrepreneurism. It's just like a roller coaster ride. It can be so fun, so scary and sometimes it just makes you sick to your stomach.

I have to keep reminding myself that these extreme emotional cycles are all part of the game. A game I chose to play.

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Aspen, CO Now that I'm familiar with the lingo, I'm all for RERO.

RERO stands for "Release Early, Release Often". But this whole RERO idea is starting to make me crazy with anticipation. Mad with anxiety. Wild with desire...for perfection.

RERO is starting to remind me of REDRUM because it's starting to feel a bit like MURDER to me.

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Too Busy To Slow Down? Doubt it.

Aspen, CO I’ve been taking it really easy since all my hoopin’ and hollerin’ Friday night at the Michael Franti concert. This is definitely a good thing. I’ve been cranking out some work, and admittedly, I’ve been recuperating from the over-indulgence.

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First Lady of the 14er's: Aspen's Christy Mahon, Her Majesty of the Mountains

Aspen, CO local Christy Mahon on Capitol, at lastMahon on Capitol, at lastASPEN, CO On May 16, 2010, long-time Aspen local Christy Mahon became the first woman and the seventh person ever, to ski all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot mountains, affectionately known as the Colorado 14’ers. It was a charmed last ascent, that final lap on Capitol, the mountain she’d been dreading the most. “Some tremendous skiers, like Chris Davenport, have skied Capitol and said it was one of the scariest things they’ve done,” says Mahon. “I remember thinking, am I good enough? Am I putting my partners at risk?”

She hiked the local Sunnyside trail last spring and gazed out at Capitol, with awe. “I had a little chat with the mountain. I said, ‘Hi Capitol, I’m Christy and I’m going to try and ski you this winter – if we could just get along for while, that’d be great.’”

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Camp Aspen Snowmass

SNOWMASS, CO – Children have always inspired me to see the world in a new light; to enjoy the simple things in life. The children at Camp Aspen Snowmass, however, inspire me in a whole new way. Since I began working as a counselor this June, I have met so many exceptional children, each with something unique to offer.