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Camp Aspen Snowmass

SNOWMASS, CO – Children have always inspired me to see the world in a new light; to enjoy the simple things in life. The children at Camp Aspen Snowmass, however, inspire me in a whole new way. Since I began working as a counselor this June, I have met so many exceptional children, each with something unique to offer.

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Deep Thoughts from Jamie Lynn

Not everyone has it all figured out: house, full-time job and benefits and holiday greetings with their kids’ faces ready by October for Christmas. I applaud all these things, except for the holiday cards; what truly worries me about my married-with-kids friends is the total absence of their faces from any photo for the next 10 years.

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Fresh Vegetables and All Things Local

Basalt and Aspen residents shop for local produce at Farmers Market: Basalt and Aspen residents a have cornucopia of fruits and vegetables to chose from at local farmers market.Basalt and Aspen residents shop for local produce at Farmers Market: Basalt and Aspen residents a have cornucopia of fruits and vegetables to chose from at local farmers market.BASALT, CO -“Good morning,” the woman said cheerfully as she walked past me, munching on a raw bunch of kale. It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Basalt (25 minutes down-valley from Aspen), and the local farmer’s market was in full swing.

My boyfriend and I bought a giant cinnamon roll and a tall glass of iced coffee and walked around the market, enjoying the variety of stands. In between bites of cinnamon roll, I crunched samples of carrots, cucumbers, and turnips. “Watch out, you’ll never go back!” one woman warned as I popped a juicy bite of heirloom tomato into my mouth.

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More Reasons to Visit Aspen During Off-Season

The ballots for Aspen’s election have been cast, the weather is fair with daytime highs in the mid-60s, and a sizable portion of downtown looks like either a ghost town or an ominous industrial construction site. Nonetheless, there are still a myriad of reasons to make the trip to Aspen during the month of May, or at least what is left of it.

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Oh how my garden grows...

Garden Shot: Out door gardenGarden Shot: Out door gardenASPEN, CO - So another Summer Season in the mountains is coming to a close. Before we know it the snow will be falling once again and the garden we've worked so hard on will disappear into the ground for another 6 months. This is a bittersweet time of year for me because though I love the Summer I love even more what is just around the corner... WINTER!! But I'm in no true hurry. I absolutley love the Fall and the weather it brings to us lucky souls who have chosen to reside in this wonderland that is the Rocky Mountains :)

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Slaughtering Excuses - Getting Creative and Staying Fit This Winter in Aspen: Part I

Aspen, CO-

Can't afford a gym membership, eh?
The snow and ice force one inside, you say?
Is it really a lack of equipment keeping that effort at bay?
Drop your problems. Prepare to learn. It's time to seize the day!

Why hasn't my poetry career taken off yet?

Aspen Colorado Running Jogging Winter Bike Path Trail

WARNING: If you wish to remain in a state of [bloated] ignorant bliss, read no further, for this is the place where excuses go to die.

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Slaughtering Excuses - Part IV: "But I don't know what to do!"

Aspen, CO-
So far, this series has focused on facilitating fitness as such, and has deliberately strayed from getting into specifics. The means (use of tunnels, proper warm up, etc) have been kept broad enough to apply to the desired ends (lose weight, increase endurance, etc) of individual readers, which vary too widely to be practically addressed. While this generalized advice is great in that it can be used by anybody for almost any goals, it still requires a personalized plan to be applied to. This edition will give resources for differing goals, so you'll know what to use tunnels and warm up for. We'll begin this conclusion to the Slaughtering Excuses series with the following video, which is an example of combining personal goals with the advice from parts I, II, and III:

Click HERE for workout location.

--->Be sure to check out Parts I, II and III if you missed them<---

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Slaughtering Excuses - Staying fit in Aspen: Part II: “But, I don't have any fancy equipment!”

Aspen, CO-

Fancy equipment? For what? Unless you're an aspiring body builder or power lifter, the main things you need are both weightless and free:
A goal – to establish your desired end in explicit terms (lose 20lbs, improve endurance, gain strength). More specific equals more prepared.
Motivation – the enabling factor allowing you to achieve the stated goal (which includes your research of the means: what to physically do, how to eat, etc.).

This edition, which focuses on alternatives to costly gym equipment, will give you the tools to attain general fitness, or even become a functionally fit machine – depending only on what you bring to the table in terms of the two critical factors mentioned above.

All equipment found on the following pages can either be used in public for free, easily built, or inexpensively purchased. Enjoy.

--->Be sure to check out Part I if you missed it<---

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Slaughtering Excuses – Staying Fit in Aspen: Part III: “What about cold related injuries!?”

Handstand x games crossfit aspen winter fitness staying fit slaughtering excuses

In front of the Winter X Games half pipe

Aspen, CO-
Easily the most legitimate excuse on the list, the threat of cold related injury can scare even the most dedicated Aspenites off the road to fitness. Though very important to be aware of, fear of these problems need not stifle your progress. Serious conditions like hypothermia and severe frost bite make for an easy cop-out, but are even easier to avoid in the first place.

--->Be sure to check out Parts I and II if you missed them<---

SnoCross Jumps Videsos from ESPN Winter X Games 14 in Aspen Co

Aspen, Co - Here are a couple short video clips from Angie Shy that she was able to snag at the 2010 Winter X Games in Aspen, Co last year. ]