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Aspen Greens Turn a Lighter Shade of Pale.

You are an environmental group. You hate carbon footprints. At least from other people. You hate even more when punk-ass bloggers stomp on the carbon footprints that come from all the fossil fuel you burn whenever you travel to far away places to meet with your environmental buddies to complain about other folks creating carbon footprints.

To quote the great philosopher Karl Malden: “What will you do? What … will … you … do?”

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Aspen Ideas Festival: A Guide to Who Said What at the 2009 Aspen Ideas Festival

Festival Attendees in Anderson Park - Photo by Dan BayerFestival Attendees in Anderson Park - Photo by Dan BayerThe 5th annual Aspen Ideas Festival redefines what it means to "Go Big" in Aspen by hosting large personalities, powerful world leaders, thoughtful discussions, and - most of all - big ideas. Presented by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic magazine, the 2009 Aspen Ideas Festival was a gathering of great thinkers with innovative ideas for a seemingly-nonstop series of lectures, presentations, debates, interviews, and panel discussions. Here at, we accumulated a collection of newspapers articles, blog posts, podcasts, and social media video to provide an annotated day-by-day summary and an in-depth chronological guide to who said what over one of Aspen's biggest weeks.

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Aspen Pot Heads: Don't You Worry About a Thing.

Aspen druggies: Don’t you worry about a thing.

That’s because The Man in Aspen believes buying and selling drugs is not that big of a deal. At least if the city’s Police Policy and Procedures Manual is to be believed.

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Aspen Restaurants: Willow Creek Bistro

Surf and Turf at Willow Creek Bistro, Aspen HighlandsSurf and Turf at Willow Creek Bistro, Aspen Highlands The Roaring Fork Valley is chock-full of spectacular culinary offerings. Nonetheless, if you are a serious foodie vacationing in downtown Aspen and find yourself short on time, there are only a handful of reasons to leave the Highway 82 Roundabout. Examples include a romantic dinner date in Snowmass, an evening sipping margaritas and munching nachos in the eccentric charm of the Woody Creek Tavern, and a late afternoon partaking in a rustic feast and scenic splendor of the Castle Creek Valley at the Pine Creek Cookhouse. Add one more to the list: The Willow Creek Bistro, just a short drive up Maroon Creek Road at the Aspen Highlands Ski Area.

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Aspen Ski Company Introduces Employee Volunteer Program

Aspen Ski Company is taking a positive step towards community progression. The company announced their introduction of a new Employee Volunteer Program effective as of January 1, 2012 to get employees involved with shaping their community.

Independence Pass Clean-upIndependence Pass Clean-up

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Aspen Snow Job

Aspen concert promoters who want to cancel a show have millions of good reasons: Pine beetles. Global warming. Punishment for the 23 percent of us who voted for someone other than Barack Obama.

But one reason you cannot give is snow, as the oft-Grammy nominated bluegrass band Cherryholmes recently did when it opted out of its March 13 appearance at the Wheeler Opera House.

A refresher for those who need it: Snow is the reason people come to Aspen. No snow means no people.

Presumably when they booked their show the band knew that Aspen gets more than 10 feet of snow every year. Yes there was snow that weekend. Both on the ground and in the forecast.

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Aspen Summer Words: An Interview with Ishmael Beah

Best selling author of A Long Way Gone and international humanitarian advocate Ishmael Beah discusses his next book, reciting Shakespeare, adjusting to the quiet life in Aspen, and how he almost ended up an accountant.

It’s not the type of thing you expect to hear from an accomplished author. On the second day of the Aspen Summer Words Literary Festival, Ishmael Beah, the one-time child solider in the Sierra Leone civil war and author of A Long Way Gone, glanced around the room after being asked about his forthcoming novel. His eyes landed on his co-presenter, Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and admitted, “I feel it is unhealthy for me to write another memoir.”

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Aspen, Auden Schendler and the New Energy Boss. Same as the Old Boss.

After nine years as the official environmental guru to the Aspen Ski Company, Auden Schendler made a startling discovery: Most of what he was doing was wrong – or ineffectual.

He even wrote a book, talking about his disappointment from “the trenches” with bio-diesel fuels and low energy light bulbs. And even other environmentalists.

Turns out they are toxic – and not too bright. The light bulbs, that is.

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Aspen, Colorado Real Estate: Sold for $43,000,000 - A Private Red Mountain Residence Breaks Real Estate Records

A gloomy global economy has not deterred the purchase of a residence at the base of Red Mountain in Aspen, Colorado for a staggering $43,000,000.

Multimillion Dollar Homes at the Base of Red Mountain, including 421 Willoughby WayMultimillion Dollar Homes at the Base of Red Mountain, including 421 Willoughby Way

Aspen-based real estate broker Jen Engel announced the closing of the purchase on Monday, July 13th via a press release and blog post. The sale was arranged and coordinated by Christie's Great Estates affiliate Joshua & Co. The 21,477 square foot estate is located on a 4.5 slender acres at 421 Willoughby Way on Red Mountain.

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Aspen’s Winter Words

By and large, literary festivals do not enjoy the same sex appeal as music festivals. Very few readers expect or can imagine an erudite and inkhorn author who pens substantial and weighty bestsellers to possess Keith Richard’s mercurial swagger, the tattoos and hubris of Tommy Lee, or the anarchic drug-fueled frenzies of Sid Vicious.