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Wandering Through The Best of Summer in Aspen. For Free.

“It all started when you tried to jump over Niagara Falls.” My friend Jill laughed, recalling the day her mom couldn’t take it anymore. “She said, ‘Jill, I never thought I’d become a leash mom, but that was it.’ One time they called the ranger, looking for me, but I was just down at the other end of the campground, having pancakes with two old ladies.

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Whats up in High Country!

Spring skiing is upon us, and this week brought Aspen/Snowmass snow worth getting psyched about. I don't know if there's anything better than sunny, bluebird skies on a spring day, with fresh powder under your board. There's still time to take advantage of great skiing and riding, as well as exciting on and off mountain events.

Local rider Red Rainey rippin’ in the fresh powder.- J.SwansonLocal rider Red Rainey rippin’ in the fresh powder.- J.Swanson

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Where Aspen's History Lies: Ute Cemetery "Walking with the Dead" Tour

Dean of the Dead:  Tour guide Mr. Weiler in his natural habitat at the “Walking With the Dead” tour of Ute Cemetery.Dean of the Dead: Tour guide Mr. Weiler in his natural habitat at the “Walking With the Dead” tour of Ute Cemetery.ASPEN, CO - I couldn't pin it down right away; the vague sense of atmospheric recognition. Then it struck like lightning--this was the cemetery I knew as a child. Before the fallacy was shattered by visiting a real one, I'd pictured dense thickets of thin barren trees, overgrown vegetation climbing weathered tombstones, and graves scattered randomly over rolling hills. I had long since abandoned such youthful horror-fantasies, accepting the unspectacular reality of bright green, organized, well kept scraps of flat land as the places we store our dead. Yet there I stood, in front of a place not so loosely resembling what I thought to be a laid to rest misconception, lost in rambling thought. My “Walking With the Dead” tour of Ute Cemetery was yet to begin.

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Winter X Games 2011 Update: Big Boi to Perform in Aspen, Co at Bud Light Hi-Fi Concert

Keystone, CO- The Winter X Games is one of the most exciting events to come to Aspen all year long. The town is bustling with the influx of visitors, here to cheer on their favorite winter sports athletes. But the X Games excitement isn’t limited to the sporting event. The town is chock-full of exciting after parties and this year, a Bud Light Hi-Fi Concert headlined by Big Boi on January 29th at 5:30 p.m.

Big BoiBig Boi

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Words and Art and Aspen: A Portrait of Dasa Bausova, the Artist

Mixed media artist Dasa Bausova escaped from the Czech Republic and spent a year in an Austrian refugee camp, before finding her way to relatives in the Promised Land - Cleveland, Ohio - at age 16.

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X Games Athletes Meet and Greet

ASPEN, CO - The wait is over! Winter X Games is finally here, and I have the last minute, inside scoop on some exciting new developments. As Buttermilk's a buzz with competition action, check out Aspen Mountain for the chance to come face to face with your favorite X Games athletes. The D&E Ski & Snowboard Shop will be hosting meet and greets all weekend long. Gretchen Signing Posters at Winter X Games in Aspen, COGretchen Signing Posters at Winter X Games in Aspen, CO

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The 2009 Winter X-games were a huge success for the city of Aspen, the Roaring Fork Valley, and the state of rippers everywhere! There was, however, a record low attendance for Winter X here in Aspen, The lowest in five years. Some say it’s because of the economy, some say it was the rain, but for this fan it made for a perfect crowd and a spectacular event.