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Slaughtering Excuses - Staying fit in Aspen: Part II: “But, I don't have any fancy equipment!”

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Purchasing gear:

Some store-bought gear has a great cost/benefit ratio. Jump ropes, resistance bands,Store-bought gear Winter Fitness Aspen ColoradoStore-bought gear: A few staples. pushup handles, door-frame pullup bars: keep your eye out for economical, multipurpose gear that you can't replicate at home (even with an entire roll of duct tape). Take advantage of store markdowns, check out a garage sale or two, and look online (you'd be surprised at the deals you can find on

An eye for the unconventional can benefit you physically and monetarily. For example: any old skateboard can be used for an incredible leg workout (detailed in this video) by taking advantage of the hard concrete walls inside the tunnels mentioned in Part 1, with the sandbag as an optional weight. Check out Replay Sports in Aspen to grab up a cheap one (only psychos like us want skateboards during ski season – supply is on our side!).


And another one bites the dust. I hope you're starting to think of ways to incorporate new tactics into your current program, or are getting a good idea of what is possible if just starting out. The excuses are definitely out there, but so are the solutions; let's spend our energy on finding the latter.

To sum this one up:

  • Accurately assess your goal and motivation level
  • Use common surroundings creatively to your advantage
  • Save money by building your own gear
  • Maximize bang for your buck when making purchases

  • Stay tuned for Part 3, which will tackle one of the most anxiety-inducing but easily avoided winter fitness concerns out there.

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    Do you have a favorite local workout spot?
    Your own “Excuse/Solution” query or answer?
    Any sage advice the rest of us shouldn't be living without?
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    MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Use your best judgment when working out, and see your physician before starting any kind of fitness program.