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Valentine's Day Revisited - The Hearts, Flowers, and Cards Committee for Change

heartsValentine's Day Hearts
Sunday, February 13, 2011- It was finally a decent temperature today or as my friend put it, “It’s about 70 degrees warmer than last week. Let’s go skiing.” I’ve been sick all week and today seemed like a good day to try and participate in the world. The three of us boarded the Couch and wrestled with overly weighty footrest bar. The Couch is aptly named and meant for sharing with friends: oversized and kind of cushy and not going anywhere soon. In the words of the great AC/DC, it’s a long ride (way) to the top. And there’s no way you could ever lift the footrest bar on your own.

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My Extreme Aspen Experience: ESPN Winter X Games

ESPN Winter X-Games 15 at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, COESPN Winter X-Games 15 at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, CO ASPEN, CO I got to spend 3 days in Aspen... DURING THE X-GAMES NO LESS!! It was a great experience that came along with a few “bumps and bruises” but I surely wouldn't trade a moment of it!

I live in Eagle and have attended at least 1 day of the “Games” each Winter since they've been in Aspen. This year was different in the manner that I got to stay Fri-Sun... had condo accommodations and lift tickets for Buttermilk! It was like I had hit a mini jackpot! I jumped on the opportunity to immerse myself in the Aspen Winter X-Game 15 experience that seemed to have just been laid at my snowboard boot covered feet :)

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Big Snow for a Big Week: Check Out the Aspen/Snowmass Ski & Snowboard Open, Presented By Skullcandy

Keystone,CO Aspen/Snowmass has been putting up big numbers on the board for snowfall this week. The recent storm cycle hit Aspen hard with upwards of 16 inches of fresh powder. Best news of all, it’s still snowing! Base depths are way above average, and are totaling 1-2 feet over last year’s numbers at this time.

Frank Shines Deep Powder Photo at Aspen MountainFrank Shines Deep Powder Photo at Aspen Mountain

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Are you sick of the rat race?

Change can be good. Take it from me: a NYC-pseudo-executive-turned-struggling-Aspen-entrepreneur.

Tired of the Rat Race?Tired of the Rat Race?Trust me, I understand the frustrations. A life lived on the rat-race wheel, chasing dollars to maintain a lifestyle that no longer serves your emotional well-being, is no fun.

As the owner of Sharing Profiles (HireMeAspen is our flagship website), I had reached my corporate limit at the end of 2007. Yet, I continued to barely hold on to my Dow Jones job until early 2010 when it became increasingly evident that I was doing a disservice to both my company and to myself.

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X Games Athletes Meet and Greet

ASPEN, CO - The wait is over! Winter X Games is finally here, and I have the last minute, inside scoop on some exciting new developments. As Buttermilk's a buzz with competition action, check out Aspen Mountain for the chance to come face to face with your favorite X Games athletes. The D&E Ski & Snowboard Shop will be hosting meet and greets all weekend long. Gretchen Signing Posters at Winter X Games in Aspen, COGretchen Signing Posters at Winter X Games in Aspen, CO

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Amos Lee Returns to BellyUp Aspen

Amos LeeMusician Amos Lee Aspen, CO - “It’s snowing today in Philadelphia,” says singer-songwriter Amos Lee, while playing catch-up around the house. “Yeah, it’s an interesting walk to wherever – you have all these fun things to do with the snow in Aspen but here, we just shovel it!” I hear some water running in the background and, as though reading my mind, Lee reassures me it’s not what I think. “I’m doing the dishes and multi-tasking; hope you don’t mind. It’s not like I’m peeing or anything...”