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The Beauty of Aspen's Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage in Aspen, Co: Fall in Aspen, Co brings paints the local landscape with a myriad of colors.Fall Foliage in Aspen, Co: Fall in Aspen, Co brings paints the local landscape with a myriad of colors.ASPEN, CO - So once again the Fall is upon us and with it comes the eye candy that many of us look forward to all year long! I'm a fan of sensory overload and this is the time of year that my eyes get their fix!
Being that I'm originally from the Northeast I was blessed with visually stunning colors coming from all directions this time of year! I remember hearing people talk about Vermont and how folks flocked to the state for the Fall colors but I never felt as though I was missing anything because New York trees filled my eyes with vibrant colors every year without disappointment.

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7908 The Aspen Songwriter's Festival: Great Expectations from Aspen's Great Indoors

Lights, Here Comes ActionLights, Here Comes ActionASPEN, CO - Friday: Abundant sunshine. Saturday: A good amount of sunshine. Sunday: Bright sunshine, pleasant. The local papers have run out of adjectives to describe the flawless fall temperatures; it’s so ridiculously beautiful in Aspen these days, we might start calling it Pleasantville. Or Oz. And so, it’s a true testament to the abundance of 7908 The Aspen Songwriter’s Festival that festival-goers left the plentiful fall colors of the great outdoors to step into the darker, cooler confines of the Wheeler Opera House.

Happily, there was plentiful scenery and ever-changing colors across the Wheeler stage, as well. The Aspen Songwriter’s Festival, John Oates’ labor of love and dedication, kicked off Thursday afternoon with some excellent complimentary beer from Aspen Brewing Company, followed by festival opener, musical super-talent and comedic genius Mike Rayburn.

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Hot Springin' in the High Country

Hot Springs - Spa of the Rockies Athletic Club: The Glenwood Hot Springs and Spa has what you needHot Springs - Spa of the Rockies Athletic Club: The Glenwood Hot Springs and Spa has what you needGLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO - Stress! Stress! Stress!
That seems to be what I hear coming from many peoples mouth's these days. To be honest, as of late it has surely wreaked enough havoc on my own life to have pushed my mind to the point where it finally decided to scream for "Help and I finally decided to listen. It was time to find some Serenity... Now!

Thankfully I'm well aware of how fortunate I am to live where I do. During these times of stress I'm truly blessed with plenty of options to de-stress my mind, body and spirit if I choose to take part. It's the "choosing to take part" that I have a hard time with quite often unfortunatly! I can make all kinds of excuses to NOT do the things that will help me in a positive manner but today I allowed myself to remember that I am deserving of partaking in the goodness that is life. I reminded myself that I am a work in progress and allowed myself to relish in what this part of the country, that I get to call home, has to offer and I did that by opting to take a friend up on her offer to drive us over to Glenwood Springs and spend a little time soaking our worries away in the "Hot Spring Pools". What a GREAT decision!

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Balloons on the Brain: Snowmass Balloon Festival

Balloon race over pond: Air balloon race over the pond at Glenwood.Balloon race over pond: Air balloon race over the pond at Glenwood.Keystone, CO- Marissa D'Orazio- Fly high this weekend in Snowmass village for the annual Snowmass Balloon Festival. A celebration of kaleidoscopic colors will fill the wild blue yonder as dozens of hot air balloons take to the sky with the Elk Mountain Range as their back drop. This years three day festival marks the 35th year of the colorful celebration.

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Customer Training?

ASPEN, CO - I went to Kinkos today. Oops, I mean “FedEx Kinkos.” I had to fax something, and I can never figure out my fax machine at home. So, off to FedEx I went.

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Oh how my garden grows...

Garden Shot: Out door gardenGarden Shot: Out door gardenASPEN, CO - So another Summer Season in the mountains is coming to a close. Before we know it the snow will be falling once again and the garden we've worked so hard on will disappear into the ground for another 6 months. This is a bittersweet time of year for me because though I love the Summer I love even more what is just around the corner... WINTER!! But I'm in no true hurry. I absolutley love the Fall and the weather it brings to us lucky souls who have chosen to reside in this wonderland that is the Rocky Mountains :)