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Tumbleweeds and Gourmet Cheese: Thanksgiving Comes Early to Aspen, Colorado

I just poured a raw egg on my head. The Russian hairdresser who cut my bangs told me that every conditioner, gel, hydrating treatment I’d ever tried on my curly, arid hair is the same as every other: all filled with chemicals. Not exactly a news flash, but pretty honest for a hairdresser with products to sell. I myself am Russian, way back when, so I think I reminded her of her family tree.

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Valentine's Day Revisited - The Hearts, Flowers, and Cards Committee for Change

heartsValentine's Day Hearts
Sunday, February 13, 2011- It was finally a decent temperature today or as my friend put it, “It’s about 70 degrees warmer than last week. Let’s go skiing.” I’ve been sick all week and today seemed like a good day to try and participate in the world. The three of us boarded the Couch and wrestled with overly weighty footrest bar. The Couch is aptly named and meant for sharing with friends: oversized and kind of cushy and not going anywhere soon. In the words of the great AC/DC, it’s a long ride (way) to the top. And there’s no way you could ever lift the footrest bar on your own.

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What Music looks like...

The fact that Aspen has such definitive seasons makes me a happy camper. Like my music and my stock portfolio I respect diversity. Music has been paramount for me through nearly all of my life and a career for my entire adult life. It seems to come full circle for me every five to ten years... One of my jobs is hosting the midday show on KSPN Radio here on the western slope.

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Word to your Mother

Lots to learn even at my age! I can't believe I'm actually saying that "at my age" But there's something truely magical about a mother and her child... It doesn't matter if your skiing the mountains of Aspen Colorado or if your teaching your son to hit a baseball at a park around Lake harriet in Minneapolis... I've had the great pleasure to have a friend whos daughter is a dynamic 4 years old...