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Beginner/Intermediate Skiers: Skiing Snowmass

Despite its massive size, Snowmass has relatively little in the way of beginner terrain, with just 6 percent of the runs bearing a green circle. It more than makes up for this shortcoming, however, with thousands of acres of some of the best intermediate trails to be found anywhere, including many runs that are suitable for skiers with a just a few days’ experience under their belts.

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Bet You Did Not Know This About Buying a Home in the Aspen Area.

Aspen is full of cops and cooks and doctors and lawyers. They might not live in the city limits in $5 million houses, but they do live close by – close enough to own their own homes.

And far enough from the big city to qualify for a federal home loan program that real estate experts say is the least known but best value mortgage program in America today: The Rural Development Loan program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Camp Aspen Snowmass

SNOWMASS, CO – Children have always inspired me to see the world in a new light; to enjoy the simple things in life. The children at Camp Aspen Snowmass, however, inspire me in a whole new way. Since I began working as a counselor this June, I have met so many exceptional children, each with something unique to offer.

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Deep Thoughts from Jamie Lynn

Not everyone has it all figured out: house, full-time job and benefits and holiday greetings with their kids’ faces ready by October for Christmas. I applaud all these things, except for the holiday cards; what truly worries me about my married-with-kids friends is the total absence of their faces from any photo for the next 10 years.

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Family Fun around Greater Aspen, Colorado

Frolicking in the FoutainFrolicking in the Fountain ASPEN, CO- It’s the most glorious summer in Aspen in years. There’s a slight smattering of clouds and only trace elements of the usual afternoon showers; this summer, the theme has been hot temperatures and thriving wildflowers, with the occasional puffy cloud adding a splash of texture to the endless blue horizon. Choose Aspen for a multi-faceted, adventurous and thoroughly engaging family vacation, with activities, sights and sounds to appeal to a span of ages and interests.

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Highway 82 Bypass #1: The Real Deal

If you’ve spent a lot of time in the Aspen area, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time on Highway 82, and by now you’re probably tired of it. Unfortunately, Highway 82 is an unavoidable fact of life in the Roaring Fork Valley. If you need to get up or down the valley in a hurry, you basically have no other choice.

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Hunter Thompson: Aspen Enough!

Hunter Thompson is dead. He killed himself 40 years ago when he figured out it was a lot easier being a circus clown with a typewriter, a bottle of bourbon and some drugs instead of being a writer. It just took a while.

So it is time for Aspen and everywhere else to give it a rest.

How many more people do we need to make the Thompson-inspired drunken/doped-up trudge to Woody’s before we all figure out he was just a drug addict with nothing more to say than ‘watch me as I get high.’

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More Reasons to Visit Aspen During Off-Season

The ballots for Aspen’s election have been cast, the weather is fair with daytime highs in the mid-60s, and a sizable portion of downtown looks like either a ghost town or an ominous industrial construction site. Nonetheless, there are still a myriad of reasons to make the trip to Aspen during the month of May, or at least what is left of it.

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National Geographic Comes to Town. Carbon Follows.

You probably missed this story: 300 leaders of Alcoholics Anonymous met in Aspen to toast the New Year with copious amounts of champagne and single malt scotch.

Or the 300 Weight Watchers meeting in Aspen to gorge themselves senseless on brownies and hot fudge sundaes.

Neither really happened. But, even stranger, this did:
Three hundred environmentalists from around the world last week came to Aspen to spend three days complaining about people who are ruining the environment with huge carbon footprints from traveling to beautiful and remote places? Like Aspen.

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One for the Aspen ladies...Finding the Right "Fit" helps.

The girls and I, pre The "girls" and I, pre "lift", at my 20th HS Reunion...
So, for as long as I can remember I've always been big breasted. Yup I said it and not 'cause I'm so proud but because I know that there are lot's of other women out there who know the down side to being well endowed which is why my recent discovery has had such an effect on this big boobed chick!

For all of the women out there longing for big breasts who aren't aware: Having big boobs is unfortunately much more of a pain in the BACK and jerk magnet rather than a casting agent or model search attractor.
I spent most of my young adult life hiding my "sisters" behind UN-padded bras and baggy sweaters. I was almost always uncomfortable with them. I've always been pretty insecure and self conscious so when my gals started to grow in I just tried to pretend they weren't really there, which wasn't so bright because when they did fully arrive I had no idea what to do with them!

I can't remember much about my 1st bra days but I think that I became friends with the sports bra pretty early on. It held them in place, for the most part, which was pretty important to me at the time and still is today ;)