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My Friends Give Me A Headache!

It's not what you think.

I love my friends. I actually have the best friends in the world. They are my biggest supporters and such a joy to be around. They are smart. They are kind. They are funny. They are thoughtful and considerate.

The problem isn't their personalites. The problem is that they challenge me.

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Poppies Bistro

As far as ski towns go, Aspen is quite conducive to coupling up. A beautiful scenic backdrop, a litany of intimate boutique lodging options, plenty of places to canoodle by a blazing fire or in a hot tub, and some profound options when it comes to wining and dining by candle light can set the mood for puppy love in the Rockies.

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Real Estate - What can I get for $3,000,000?

The world over, Aspen is known as a "must-own" town for the ultra wealthy. When you see a 6,000 square foot vacant lot listed in town for $3,250,00, you can not but be reminded of the tried and true real estate axiom; location, location, location!

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Reduced from $26,000,000 to $15,000,000

That's right - An $11,000,000 discount and who knows if they'll take less...

Yes, even in Aspen we are seeing foreclsoures - four have been filed so far in '09 - certainly a very small number in comparison to many parts of the country but it shows that even the super wealthy can be affected by the economic downturn.

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Aspen, CO Now that I'm familiar with the lingo, I'm all for RERO.

RERO stands for "Release Early, Release Often". But this whole RERO idea is starting to make me crazy with anticipation. Mad with anxiety. Wild with desire...for perfection.

RERO is starting to remind me of REDRUM because it's starting to feel a bit like MURDER to me.

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Summer in Aspen: What’s New and Noteworthy in Aspen, Colorado for Summer 2009

A Sign of Summer in Aspen: Independence Pass is OpenA Sign of Summer in Aspen: Independence Pass is OpenDespite a fairytale image, Aspen has not been impervious to the tsunami of distressing economic news. In a certain sign of the times, headlines in the Aspen Daily News or the Aspen Times hint at gloomy economic conditions: the turtle-like crawl of vacation real estate sales, raising unemployment rates, and lower-than-average hotel occupancy are common themes littering the local headlines. Even in fantasyland woebegone national news of corporate bankruptcies, gloomy markets, bailout quagmires, foreclosures, and bank buyouts contribute to a crestfallen public consciousness.

As off-season transitions into summer high season, there are signs of a silver lining to the doom and gloom. Warm weather means Jimmy Buffett melodies, backyard grilling, rafting trips, shorts and flip-flops, and the opening of the narrow, 12,000 foot switchback over Independence Pass, making Aspen immediately accessible to historic Leadville. Although everything isn’t peaches and blue bonnets in this alpine resort town, a gang of intrepid Aspen-based entrepreneurs, business-owners, and organizations are still swinging for the fences by opening up shop or preparing for a superlative line-up of festivals and events occurring over the summer. Here’s a list of new and noteworthy shops, restaurants, and events debuting with giggly excitement for the summer 2009 season, economic torpedoes be damned.

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Tattooing a moment in time at the "Ink Lounge" in Edwards, CO.

Ink Lounge Edwards, CO: Inside view of The Ink Lounge Edwards, CO: Inside view of The "Ink Lounge" located in Edwards, Co.Edwards, CO - So I recently had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with my step-daughter Courtney and her cousin Cassie. They came down from Alaska and having them with us was fantastic!
Most of our visits have taken place in the Mid-West, because it's sort of home-base and easier for lot's of family to get together all at once, but this journey was extra special due to the fact that we got to have 7 days with the “girls” all to ourselves! They are 18 and 19, so not really girls anymore, but from the perspective of a 39 and 40 year old they are still, and sadly for them always will be, girls to us.
During their visit we did lot's of things: Shopping in Aspen, swimming at the Glenwood Hot Springs, dining at Moe's BBQ, etc... but an extra special part of the visit for me came when the gals decided they wanted to mark a moment in time in the form of a tattoo. I almost couldn't believe my ears when the word tattoo was first mentioned! I myself had been longing to mark another moment of my own, but was now getting the opportunity to be a part of my step-daughters first, her cousins second while getting my third! Crazy man crazy...

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The 24 Hour Cycle: "Doom and Gloom" to "Hip Hip Hooray"

ASPEN, CO - Ahhh...the thrill of entrepreneurism. It's just like a roller coaster ride. It can be so fun, so scary and sometimes it just makes you sick to your stomach.

I have to keep reminding myself that these extreme emotional cycles are all part of the game. A game I chose to play.

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The Annals of Aspen Real Estate: A Bargain… for 43.8 Million?

A full-page ad in this past Saturday’s Aspen Daily News reads: “A rare opportunity! Own this 18th Century inspired Tuscan Estate Just Minutes From Downtown Aspen.” The casual newspaper browser commuting on a free RFTA bus to a meager 12-dollar-an-hour service industry job in Snowmass Village or Aspen’s downtown core might skim over the price, found in tiny print at the bottom of the page: 43.8 million dollars.

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The Food & Wine Classic in Aspen: An Exclusive Interview with Mario Batali

Renown Chef Mario Batali Photo by Melanie DuneaRenown Chef Mario Batali Photo by Melanie DuneaWhat makes dining in Aspen so special? According to chef Mario Batali, it’s because of a “kind of hippy, laid back approach to local and serious food.” Known for colorful television appearances, best-selling books, signature Orange Crocs, and a sophisticated coterie of Italian eateries in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, I caught up with Batali via e-mail before touching down in Aspen to attend the 27th Annual Food & Wine Classic.