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Deep Thoughts from Jamie Lynn

Not everyone has it all figured out: house, full-time job and benefits and holiday greetings with their kids’ faces ready by October for Christmas. I applaud all these things, except for the holiday cards; what truly worries me about my married-with-kids friends is the total absence of their faces from any photo for the next 10 years.

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The Slow Food movement has a robust presence in Aspen, thanks to superstar chefs with industry pull utilizing farm fresh and local ingredients. The core philosophy of Slow Food is mindfully grown produce and livestock that is raised and cultivated with as little environmental impact as possible.

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End of Season Ticklist

Couch Surfing at Cloud 9Couch Surfing at Cloud 9When I was 12, skiing Lake Tahoe in Levis and thinking I was cooler than the guy in the stretch pants (I was, wasn’t I?) I wore this sweatshirt with a picture of a mountain and a stick figure whizzing down it that said, “My life is going downhill.” No pun intended at age 12, but I do stop and wonder every now and then at the fact that I’m still spending an inordinate amount of time, in effect, simply pointing them.

A similar sequence plays out each and every day: Get on chair, get clunked on the head by over-eager safety bar zealot, get off chair, buckle boots to the brink of searing shin pain, ski down hill; repeat. Really, it seems kind of inane. Here we go again...Wheee!!

Yet I’ve been doing it for 32 years, and 12 of those have been around 90 days a season, here in Aspen.

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Explore Bookstore and Bistro

Tucked into a quaint Victorian house on Main Street, Explore Bistro and Bookstore is a popular Aspen establishment frequented by residents and out-of-towners alike. As a well-stocked independent bookstore and a popular vegetarian bistro, Explore fuses a cozy ambiance of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves of literary and nonfiction classics with a delightful bistro, coffee shop, and dining room.

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Ghetto or Godsend... Is the Aspen Housing Authority taking advantage of us because we have no choice!

I love living in Aspen... I love Working in Aspen... Unfortunately my work situation doesn't allow me to "LIVE" without making some necessary and legitimate concessions... However many of my acquaintances as well as strangers over the last year or so have had a lot to say about the way our (That's what it is... "Ours") Employee Housing and the "Authority" as they call it is handled...

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Hickory House

Here is a very realistic yet hypothetical Aspen ski vacation situation: You’ve spent a beautiful bluebird day with fresh powder skiing or riding Highlands, Buttermilk, or Snowmass. It’s vacation, after all, so you’ve milked as many daylight hours as possible on the mountain.

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Highway 82 Bypass #1: The Real Deal

If you’ve spent a lot of time in the Aspen area, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time on Highway 82, and by now you’re probably tired of it. Unfortunately, Highway 82 is an unavoidable fact of life in the Roaring Fork Valley. If you need to get up or down the valley in a hurry, you basically have no other choice.

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Highway 82 Bypass #2: Snowmass Summer Route to the Midvalley

Let’s say you’re staying at a condo in Snowmass Village. You’ve been to just about every restaurant on the mall or at the base area, and you’re tired of trekking into Aspen and paying an arm and a leg to eat dinner there. Or maybe you just want to shop at a decent-sized grocery store for a change.

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Historic Aspen Bed & Breakfast: The Snow Queen Lodge

There was a day when the town of “Aspen” as we know it was known as Ute City and the silver dynamited out of the hills was much more valuable than a timber and stone McMansion-lodge with alpine-views, Jacuzzis, and a heated driveway on Red Mountain. Aspen’s ski and tourism-era building boom has resulted in a plethora of development up and down the Roaring Fork Valley.

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Hotel Aspen

Metaphorically speaking, the art of picking a hotel is a lot like dissecting jazz. Listening to jazz involves identifying the variations of a melody’s strain while vetting a stratum of harmonies and an intricate pattern of rhythms.