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Bet You Did Not Know This About Buying a Home in the Aspen Area.

Aspen is full of cops and cooks and doctors and lawyers. They might not live in the city limits in $5 million houses, but they do live close by – close enough to own their own homes.

And far enough from the big city to qualify for a federal home loan program that real estate experts say is the least known but best value mortgage program in America today: The Rural Development Loan program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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Buenos Aires Fusion

For decades, travel and fashion writers have long dubbed sophisticated and stylish Buenos Aires as “The Paris of South America” for its broad avenues, au courant garment district, provocative evenings of tangoing until morning, strolls past plazas lining the Rio de la Plata, and lazy afternoon polo matches.

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Buttermilk in Aspen: A Great Place to Learn How to Board or Ski

Learning to ski or snowboard is easy.

First, be under 21.Then slip, slide, tumble and bruise your way down the most difficult trail on the highest mountain you can find. Repeat eight hours a day, seven days a week until mommy and daddy’s money runs out or Christmas break is over.

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Camp Aspen Snowmass

SNOWMASS, CO – Children have always inspired me to see the world in a new light; to enjoy the simple things in life. The children at Camp Aspen Snowmass, however, inspire me in a whole new way. Since I began working as a counselor this June, I have met so many exceptional children, each with something unique to offer.

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Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro

Geographically, the 12,500-foot Aspen Highlands ski area is tucked into the heavenly clouds of the Elk Mountain Range. With a 3,635-foot vertical drop, over a thousand ski-able acres, five lifts, and one of the most pristine powder bowls in the country, Highlands is an almost mythical Xanadu, particularly to the scores of locals who love and frequent these expert slopes on a daily basis. Cloud Nine Alpine BistroCloud Nine Alpine Bistro While whisking down Highlands, take a minute to bask in the sweeping vistas of the 14,000 foot Maroon Bells, one of the most majestic peaks in Colorado. Maroon Bells is the Western Slope’s Mont Blanc, inspiring artists and photographers around the country.

The dizzying heights, moguls, and altitude of skiing Aspen Highlands will surely leave adventurers with the appetite of an athlete. However, lunching and dining options can be somewhat limited when surrounded by snow pack at 10,740 feet.

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Columbian Mammoth Bones Discovered Near Snowmass Village

Mammoth mandible: The mandible (lower jaw) with one tooth attached found in Snowmass Village. Next to it you can see another tooth coming in. Mammoths have six sets of teeth, so they lose them often.Mammoth mandible: The mandible (lower jaw) with one tooth attached found in Snowmass Village. Next to it you can see another tooth coming in. Mammoths have six sets of teeth, so they lose them often.Snowmass Village – The Snowmass Village Water and Sanitation (and Paleontology?) District has usurped the community spotlight, even as elections loom. It may not have been in the original job description, but recently the Water and Sanitation District employees have taken on the roles of paleontologists and museum curators. While working to enlarge Ziegler Reservoir above Snowmass Village on October 14th, a machine operator noticed something odd emerging from the ground. Upon further examination, he realized that they were very large bones.

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Coming Attractions: A Chit Chat with Electro-Super Duo Ratatat

If you saw J.J. Abraham’s stomach-churning camcorder blockbuster Cloverfield, you’re already familiar with the Brooklyn-based electronic post-techno duo Ratatat. Before the monster emerged from the Hudson River with Godzilla-like rage and began bashing iconic Manhattan landmarks into smithereens, Ratatat’s post-techno instrumental grooves reverberated through the background of a fashionable loft party in gentrified Greenwich Village.


Ratatat’s Evan Mast, aka E*vax, laughed when asked about the song being worked into the soundtrack of the doomsday movie: “There was so much secrecy around the entire project. They just told us who the director was. They wouldn’t show us clips or give us a brief description. It was a real leap of faith for us.” Mast continued, “It was cool how the song echoed through the scene, like it was recorded in that room. But the movie sucked.”

I talked to Mast before the group’s free March 27th gig at the base of Ajax, next to the Snow Queen Gondola.

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Confessions from the Bread Aisle: The Perils of Passover in Aspen

Passover and Easter welcome spring in Aspen, sure as sudden snowstorms followed by random bouts of 50 degree sunshine. “Happy Easter” texted my friend Dave, spreading pastels and good wishes to friends everywhere.

“You mean Happy Passover. Hope you’re eating lots of leavened bread in my honor,” I texted back, feeling weak from lack of leavening.

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Day Trips: Black Canyon of the Gunnison

We all know that Aspen has everything. That’s why you live or vacation here. Great skiing, great shopping, great music, great restaurants. Golf, hiking, mountain biking, rafting. There really isn’t much need to go anywhere else. Still, though, if you come to Colorado and just visit Aspen, you’re missing out on a lot of what makes the Centennial State so spectacular.

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Day Trips: Redstone and Marble

The Roaring Fork Valley, by anyone’s estimation, is a scenic wonder, with towering peaks, verdant forests and bucolic meadows. But as anyone who has ever visited the Maroon Bells can tell you, the side valleys in this area can be even more spectacular.