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The Bear Necessities

A very dear friend of mine asked me the other day "Isn't it funny how much baseball has an effect in the life of a bear" Like Michigan drug offenders, bears, have a minimum of 3 strikes before they get to walk the green mile... and not the one lined with evergreens.

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Ghetto or Godsend... Is the Aspen Housing Authority taking advantage of us because we have no choice!

I love living in Aspen... I love Working in Aspen... Unfortunately my work situation doesn't allow me to "LIVE" without making some necessary and legitimate concessions... However many of my acquaintances as well as strangers over the last year or so have had a lot to say about the way our (That's what it is... "Ours") Employee Housing and the "Authority" as they call it is handled...

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So it's been awhile since I've posted here and for GOOD REASON! Since my last blogging...

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What Music looks like...

The fact that Aspen has such definitive seasons makes me a happy camper. Like my music and my stock portfolio I respect diversity. Music has been paramount for me through nearly all of my life and a career for my entire adult life. It seems to come full circle for me every five to ten years... One of my jobs is hosting the midday show on KSPN Radio here on the western slope.

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Word to your Mother

Lots to learn even at my age! I can't believe I'm actually saying that "at my age" But there's something truely magical about a mother and her child... It doesn't matter if your skiing the mountains of Aspen Colorado or if your teaching your son to hit a baseball at a park around Lake harriet in Minneapolis... I've had the great pleasure to have a friend whos daughter is a dynamic 4 years old...

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These Days – “Clean Slate”

I found myself excitedly buying a can of dry lube for my mountain Bike chain today… What the hell is wrong with me?