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Summer Operations are in Full Swing at Aspen/Snowmass

Keystone, CO - Aspen and Snowmass Mountains have officially turned up the heat as summer activities go into full swing. Say farewell to your skis until next season, and hello to mountain biking, hiking, on-mountain dining and more. In this post, I'll break down the full list of summer activities and operation schedules so you can kick off your summer right.

Mountain Biking from Aspen/Snowmass FlickrMountain Biking from Aspen/Snowmass Flickr

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Save the Date: The Meeting Returns to Aspen/Snowmass Fall 2011

Keystone, CO - This Fall, Aspen will once again host the top gathering for the snowsports' industry. The Meeting returns to Aspen/Snowmass Wheeler Opera House on September 29 through October 2, 2011 bringing with it the industry's top filmakers, athletes, sponsors, media and fans.

The Meeting-2010 from Aspen/Snowmass on Vimeo.

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How About Some Memorial Day Skiing at Aspen Mountain?

Aspen, CO - If you haven't had your full season powder fix by May, don't sweat it. Aspen Mountain will be open for skiing and riding this Memorial Day weekend, May 28-30. Due to the massive snowfall and chilly temperatures this spring, the mountain has sustained a 71 inch base up top.

Memorial Day Skiing 2008 : Photo by Jeremy SwansonMemorial Day Skiing 2008 : Photo by Jeremy Swanson

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Roaring Fork Valley Environmental Association Collects $100,000+ to Support Great Causes.

Aspen, CO - This April has proven to be a monumental month for the Environment Foundation, receiving donations of more than $100,000. The Foundation plans to spread the funding across 18 well-deserving projects that aid in sustaining the quality of the Roaring Fork Valley and its surrounding areas.

Solar Panel on Aspen Highlands::  Photo from aspensnowmass.comSolar Panel on Aspen Highlands:: Photo from

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Slaughtering Excuses - Part IV: "But I don't know what to do!"

Aspen, CO-
So far, this series has focused on facilitating fitness as such, and has deliberately strayed from getting into specifics. The means (use of tunnels, proper warm up, etc) have been kept broad enough to apply to the desired ends (lose weight, increase endurance, etc) of individual readers, which vary too widely to be practically addressed. While this generalized advice is great in that it can be used by anybody for almost any goals, it still requires a personalized plan to be applied to. This edition will give resources for differing goals, so you'll know what to use tunnels and warm up for. We'll begin this conclusion to the Slaughtering Excuses series with the following video, which is an example of combining personal goals with the advice from parts I, II, and III:

Click HERE for workout location.

--->Be sure to check out Parts I, II and III if you missed them<---

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A Playday on Buttermilk Mountain: Skiing in Aspen Co

Top of Buttermilk Mountain!!Top of Buttermilk Mountain!!Aspen, CO - I know the Winter is over and play-days on the hill are coming to an end, but I wanted to be sure to share with my fellow snow lovers a little bit of my Buttermilk Mountain experience in Aspen, CO and also spread the word for those of you thinking of heading to Aspen next Winter!