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Winter X-Games 15 in Aspen Co!!!!

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X Games Jump Ramp at the base of Buttermilk Mtn.!!: Amazing X Games Jump Ramp at the base of Buttermilk Mtn.!!: Amazing "Big Air" jump set-up near the base of Buttermilk Mtn.!!Aspen, CO -The X-Games are coming! The X-Games are coming!!
Yup it's once again that time of year when the EXTREME sportsmen & sportswoman of the world head to Aspen, Colorado to show off there skills while entertaining our wide eyes at the same time!! This year is the 10th year in a row that the games are being held in Aspen!! Those of you who have attended the X-Games in the past know the excitement and energy that pours into Aspen this time of year so for those of you who haven't attended... GET YOUR GEAR ON AND GET READY FOR THE ENERGY!!!

The X-Games made there way to Aspen for the first time in 2002 and I was actually fortunate enough to attend them! I made the trek from Redcliff with my new boyfriend, who is now my husband!, and what an adventure it was just getting there! The highway shut down in the Glenwood Canyon due to extreme Winter weather but we forged forward and made it to the games with plenty of time to take in the sights. My first experience found me in the “Media Area” that was set up in the middle of the Sno-Cross track and it was SICKNESS!!!! I was for sure bitten by the extreme bug during those very first games and have continued to make the X-Games a part of my Winter experience each year since!

For anyone who has never attended: YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! Even if your not participating in any extreme sports yourself attending the games will open your eyes and your mind to a whole world of excitement! It's not just about the “kids” hucking themselves off of huge jumps, though that's a big part of it, but rather it offers something for just about every age group. At last years games my father actually met a man who was competing in the mono-ski races who had served in Vietnam in a similar unit as my fathers! Two men brought together by Extreme Games!!! That's the stuff baby that's the stuff!

This is the 15th year of the X-Games and as mentioned earlier it's the 10th consecutive year that the games are being held in Aspen, CO at Buttermilk Mountain. The games are being held: January 27th-30th, 2011 and will offer not only live competitions to be held throughout the day but also opportunities to take in live music and fill bags with lot's of free swag! As the games get closer you can find information regarding event schedules, etc. by checking out ESPN's website.