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Winter Lovin' in the Aspen Mountains

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A day on the ice, last Winter, at Sylvan Lake in Eagle, COA day on the ice, last Winter, at Sylvan Lake in Eagle, CO
Eagle, CO - So the Winter season is once again upon us and with it comes the wonderful world of Winter Sports! I just LOVE the winter! I love saying it, hearing it, writing it and most definitely immersing myself in it! I've heard it said, “I came for the winter, but stay for the summer.” Not me! This chick came for the winter and stays for the winter!
Now I didn't always feel this way about the 3rd season... I spent my “younger” years in Up-state, NY where the winter was far from being my friend. The humidity made for sweltering summers but even more painful for me were the bone chilling winters! The climate was a challenging part of my youth and so after one snowy season in the “Valley” I knew I had found some new stomping grounds! Very little humidity, in comparison to the area I grew up in, sold me on Colorado and the rest of what comes with the great state has sealed me.

Many of my family and friends back East, mostly those who have yet to visit our great state, think I'm a bit looped in regards to being a sucker for “Old Man Winter”. I remind them, once again, about the low percentage of humidity and how that makes for light as feather flakes, the ability to brush the snow off the car, more often than not, rather than scrape it off and also how regular sun filled days help to keep those Winter blues away! Though I once used to hibernate December through March I now get out and take part in this wonderfully chilly season. That's the stuff baby that's the stuff!