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Bryan Johnson's picture is a site focused on the needs of the Aspen community. Our vision is to provide Aspen and the surrounding areas a basic framework to establish a highly interactive, community-focused foundation. Our plan is to allow YOU the community participants a substantial say in how the site evolves.

We envision four major launch phases over the next 10 months and the community participants will determine the focus and extent of evolution regarding these initial areas.

* Phase One: Create an individual community presence

* Phase Two: Refine the community, focusing on expanding the Portal or Search aspect of

* Phase Three: Bring to ALL businesses and individuals, making sure that they all claim their spot on

* Phase Four: Polish—make sure that everything fits and is assembled to function smoothly. We see our role as host moving to more of a site facilitator, providing the infrastructure and allowing the community to flourish naturally

Over the next few weeks you will be seeing many new features and improvements to the site.

We hope will quickly become the site for Everything Local in Aspen. We will not only make content on available in our site search, but will also include the content of dozens of other Aspen-focused sites.

Please be patient as we go live since it will merely be the beginning of the evolution process!

Feel free to join us by creating an account and let us know how we can improve the site to better meet your needs.

Please take a few minutes to input your thoughts as a comment to this page.

We are committed to making the official voice of Aspen, Colorado!

We can't wait!

Bryan Johnson Publisher

The entire team.

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