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Slaughtering Excuses - Part IV: "But I don't know what to do!"

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Aspen, CO-
So far, this series has focused on facilitating fitness as such, and has deliberately strayed from getting into specifics. The means (use of tunnels, proper warm up, etc) have been kept broad enough to apply to the desired ends (lose weight, increase endurance, etc) of individual readers, which vary too widely to be practically addressed. While this generalized advice is great in that it can be used by anybody for almost any goals, it still requires a personalized plan to be applied to. This edition will give resources for differing goals, so you'll know what to use tunnels and warm up for. We'll begin this conclusion to the Slaughtering Excuses series with the following video, which is an example of combining personal goals with the advice from parts I, II, and III:

Click HERE for workout location.

--->Be sure to check out Parts I, II and III if you missed them<---

Applying my advice to your plan-

The “Burlingame Bomber” workout is an example of something I'd integrate into my routine once or twice a week to support my personal stregnth/endurance goals. You'll notice elements taken from each previous article: Using a tunnel to avoid the snow (Part I), homemade equipment (Part II), and, though not depicted, a proper warm up and stripping of heavier clothing layers (Part III). Due to its condensed nature, this particular workout serves as a mini excuse-killer in itself (“But I don't have any time!”).


Here, I'll recommend my favorite resources for a variety of different fitness goals. Since most are in the form of web-forums, you'll have a literally endless source of expert information to draw upon.

Well-rounded fitness: CrossFit

For overall fitness, I highly recommend the CrossFit program. CrossFit is all about functionality; bicep curls and crunches take a backseat to squats and pull-ups -- exercises which would benefit a caveman as much as a modern military operator.

Their emphasis on intensity and mental toughness tends to intimidate newcomers, but fear not! One of its greatest attributes is its ability to be scaled to the individual. Old ladies and Marine snipers use CrossFit. Amputees and cage-fighters use CrossFit. Sound interesting? Check out the "main site" at You can browse the "workouts of the day" (or WODs) to get a feel of CrossFit in action, and read through the Start Here! section for its philosophy and methodology. The next place to go is the discussion board, where you can take advantage of a vast archive of information.

Though not required, some folks benefit from the group camaraderie and professional coaching offered by a CrossFit affiliated gym. If you've got some extra money lying around, our local Aspen CrossFit may be worth a go.

Running: Pose method

If you're looking to improve your running form or reduce injuries, allow me to introduce you to Pose. Pose running is a technique focused on efficiency of movement, and is characterized by landing on the forefoot (as opposed to the heel) while it is behind the hips (to maintain forward momentum) with a slightly bent knee. The Pose method is unique in that it takes into account the roles of biomechanics (the human form) and physics (gravity) together in the action of running. For more info, and an advice forum, have a look at, or the PoseTv YouTube channel for high quality video tutorials.

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