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Slaughtering Excuses - Staying fit in Aspen: Part II: “But, I don't have any fancy equipment!”

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Aspen, CO-

Fancy equipment? For what? Unless you're an aspiring body builder or power lifter, the main things you need are both weightless and free:
A goal – to establish your desired end in explicit terms (lose 20lbs, improve endurance, gain strength). More specific equals more prepared.
Motivation – the enabling factor allowing you to achieve the stated goal (which includes your research of the means: what to physically do, how to eat, etc.).

This edition, which focuses on alternatives to costly gym equipment, will give you the tools to attain general fitness, or even become a functionally fit machine – depending only on what you bring to the table in terms of the two critical factors mentioned above.

All equipment found on the following pages can either be used in public for free, easily built, or inexpensively purchased. Enjoy.

--->Be sure to check out Part I if you missed it<---

Dips Winter Fitness Aspen ColoradoThe front-porch advantage: I get to go inside after this.
Use your environment:

In general, publicly located equipment is best suited for pushing and pulling movements. As the video shows, playgrounds are great for any variant of pullup or dip; two very potent exercises. If your max is less than four consecutive repetitions, don't fret, you can still effectively use bars for kipping, jumping, and negative pullups -- the last two being compatible with dips as well.

Always be on the lookout for unorthodox equipment during your day to day travels: With the right perspective, the corner of a handrail becomes a tricep machine, and the back of a staircase becomes a leg-lift station. I've learned how to do a back, chest, leg, and core workout within five feet of my front door (pretty convenient in these cold months); use your environment!

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