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Slaughtering Excuses - Getting Creative and Staying Fit This Winter in Aspen: Part I

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Aspen, CO-

Can't afford a gym membership, eh?
The snow and ice force one inside, you say?
Is it really a lack of equipment keeping that effort at bay?
Drop your problems. Prepare to learn. It's time to seize the day!

Why hasn't my poetry career taken off yet?

Aspen Colorado Running Jogging Winter Bike Path Trail

WARNING: If you wish to remain in a state of [bloated] ignorant bliss, read no further, for this is the place where excuses go to die.

'Tis the season for excuse-makers and procrastinators to rejoice! It's easy enough to come up with reasons why we can't stay in shape during warm and sunny weather, but snow and sub-freezing temperatures have a way of making inactivity just a little too convenient. In fact, winter conditions in Aspen are enough to make even dedicated people feel that fitness is impossible without access to a pricey club.

This four part series of articles will strip away every common alibi, forcing self-deceivers ("I would work out, but I CAN'T") to make an honest decision between action and inaction -- and empower the willing, allowing them to get out there and make it happen. So what's it gonna be, pardner? No false-motivational fluff, no gentle encouragement, no condescending sympathy; you bring the effort, and I'll bring the means. Let's get to it.

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