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Sitting Around in Aspen Co Waiting for Rufus Wainwright to Call

Jamie Lynn Miller's picture

Rufus Wainwright: The Artist at WorkRufus Wainwright: The Artist at WorkAspen, CO - Truthfully, I wasn’t really waiting; I was more anticipating. It was a quiet, overcast winter afternoon, dark sky, bright snow, and I was already settled down for the day. Any staring at the phone was my own choice, afraid I’d miss the call because the ringer was on vibrate and not train whistle, or that I’d miscalculated the time change in Aspen, Colorado and shouldn’t have gone in search of coffee without my cell phone. Past experience has taught me that a watched phone never rings but lo and behold, at 3:47 p.m., Eastern Time, the train whistle started blowing. It was Rufus on the line with a friendly, drawn out “Hiiiiiii!”