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Pass the Appreciation

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Aspen, CO - If you're just as shocked as I am that August has snuck up on us again, I'm sure you'll be just as eager to take full advantage of the remaining days of summer too. The snow has finally given way to trails on those big mountain climbs we've all be waiting for, and the mountain bike trails are ripping faster than ever. Aspen/Snowmass wants to say thank you to all you 2010-2011 season passholders and 2011 full summer passholders, that have been taking advantage of the summer by dishing out a free bike haul pass and Snowmass Gondola RIde on Saturday, August 13th.

Rider by Jeremy SwansonRider by Jeremy Swanson

Passholder Appreciation Day will be the perfect opportunity to keep up your summer momentum, and even inspire someone else to get moving. Aside from the pass holders freebie, they can also bring along a friend or family member for free too! Take advantage of the free downhill mountain bike tours and tips while your on mountain too. Snowmass bike pros will lead 60 to 90-minute tours at 10:30 and 1:30 with a focus on the new trails and great technique. Each tour will be divided up by ability level and available based on first-come, first served.

Aspen has really stepped up their mountain biking game over the last two seasons, investing in weekly races, instructional classes and over 50 miles in trails. New to the game this year are the Vapor Trail and the Alpine Funnel Trail, both offering challenging new terrain to skill levels of all types.

Rider2 by Jeremy SwansonRider2 by Jeremy Swanson

Whatever your style, don't let the remaining days of sunshine and warm weather pass you by. Aspen/Snowmass wants to pass on their appreciation to loyal customers with Passholder Appreciation Day, so indulge the possibilities of the final days of summer this Saturday.