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The Meeting Recap: NEPSA Winners Collect Cash and D&E Struts the Runway

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It's been an exciting weekend in Aspen as The Meeting returned for yet another action packed installment. For the last 7 seasons, The Meeting has proved to be the cornerstone collection of the ski and snowboard industry's most talented filmmakers and athletes; zealous sponsors and media; and devoted fans. This year's highlights include the ninth annual NEPSA Awards at the Wheeler Opera House, and the D&E Fashion show at the BellyUP Aspen.

The Meeting- Jeremy SwansonThe Meeting- Jeremy Swanson

The NEPSA Awards is an exclusive event in the snowsports industry that accents the creative bond between athletes and filmakers, as they collaborate to compete for cash prizes. The multimedia presentations get snow enthusiasts geared up for the upcoming season, and set the bar high with envelope pushing footage. Each presentation uses music, video, photography and other mediums paired with one the following themes: Secrets of Aspen, Environmentalism and Muppets. Competitors are judged on their commitment to representing one of three themes in all of its shredtastic glory.

The Meeting Jeremy SwansonThe Meeting Jeremy Swanson

Prize winners from this year's competition include:

First Prize: Geoff Stump & Klaus Obermeyer's "An Extreme NEPSA Featuring Rick Dixon" $2,000

Second Prize: Jacqui Edgerly, Erin Erickson, Megan Vanaznot, Lula Chapman & Rachel Moen, "Fit for Real" $1,000

Third Prize: Ted Davenport, "Hey Look at me!...and my muppets” $500

Crowd Favorite: Matt Hobbs, Nate Berkel & Tae Westcott "The Top 5 Secrets of Aspen" $500 Target gift card

D&E Fashion Show - Jeremy SwansonD&E Fashion Show - Jeremy Swanson

BellyUp Aspen was also buzzing Thursday night as the sold out D&E Fashion Show took over the venue. Models strut their stuff in D&E's new winter collection which mixed the industry's leading gear companies with cheeky threads to turn out yet another electrifying show. Guests of the show were also treated to a first look at Burton's new movie, "Standing Sideways; the chance to win a Burton snowboard and a blowout performance by the Boulder-born, bass-heavy Robotic Pirate Monkey.

D&E Fashion Show - Jeremy SwansonD&E Fashion Show - Jeremy Swanson

Overall, The Meeting kicked it up a notch, as expected. It took over Aspen with a super-stoked spirit, amping up snow enthusiasts' expectations for yet another powder filled season in 2011-2012.