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Keller Williams is coming to the Vilar Center!!!

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My Golden Ticket to see Keller Williams at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek on Thursday January 13th, 2011My Golden Ticket to see Keller Williams at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek on Thursday January 13th, 2011 Aspen, CO - Music moves me... and it surely soothes the soul of this savage beast as well!! It's notes move through me like a cool running creek and I NEED it in my life like I need air to breathe. Many of you reading this might think I'm being a bit dramatic but those of you who feel as I do about music and those who make it KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THIS CHICK IS TALKIN' ABOUT!!
I was lucky enough to grow up ½ hour away from a pretty large outdoor amphitheater, Saratoga Performing Arts Center or SPAC for those of you out there who might be from the part of the country that I spent my “early life” rocking it out. Friends and I spent countless summer hours hanging out in the parking lot, before the shows, playing Frisbee, smoking ciggies and swilling a bit of sauce yet we all knew why we were really there!!! Whether it was Eric Clapton, Elton John, Heart, The Steve Miller Band, The Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Phish, Ozzy Osbourne, etc., it was ALWAYS about the music that was going to fill our ears and the melodies that would get our feet moving and for that I am and will be forever grateful!!

As I grew up music surely directed my thinking. I was “introduced” to The Doors early on in high school as a way to build a relationship with a gal on my basketball team. She was a bit intimidating and yet I was looking to bond in some way so when I found out she was a Doors fan I started listening and even lent my walk-man to her while we were riding the bus to an away game. That initial bond eventually led to a screening of The Wall and what can I say?! The music seal was dealt that day and I wouldn't change a minute of the wild ride I've taken!! Grateful Dead shows!! Lenny Kravitz front row center!! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers front row center seats as well!! Pink Floyd!! Billy Joel!! John Cougar while he was still John Cougar and we had backstage passes :) Widespread Panic!! Blah Blah Blah... You get where I'm going: I LOVE MUSIC!! I have traveled the states and found tunes along the way to keep my soul fueled!
So today finds me in the Eagle Valley and through my years in the high country I have found many great musical moments. The valley has surely opened my eyes to the intimate beauty of seeing a band in a small arena! The majority of my live music experiences had taken place in a large arena so when I finally got to see a great band in a small place, Gartons for instance used to be the place for live music in Vail, my ears exploded in ecstasy and my passion for music was thrown to the next level!

Fast forwarding to the present...
Though I have tried to stay close to the musical limelight it seems these last few years have found me listening more to my Cd’s rather than making it to a live show. Many reasons come into play as to why I've been a bit detached from the “scene” but what I do know is that during my “time away” my soul has been longing to rock it out live style!! Well this Thursday, January 13th, I get to to just that while jamming out at a live Keller Williams show!!

I'm grateful to not be stuck in a particular genre of music. I've got a love for just about all of it and Thursday night will find me enjoying an acoustic performance by the one-man band Keller Williams!! I've heard that an evening with Keller will offer “Improvisational Folk at it's Best!” How can I not be excited?! I'm admittedly not super familiar with his music BUT I have heard enough to get me stoked for the show and what he'll throw at us. The performance is taking place at The Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek and I'm getting to enjoy a classy arena with finger pickin' good music all for a measly $37.00 bucks!!! I'm going to the show with my brother, another music lover, and since the tickets are all General Admission we're planning to arrive early and get ourselves some great seats! To be honest the Vilar doesn't have a bad seat but this just might be our opportunity to find front row... We'll see!
For those of you out there unfamiliar with Keller he is widely known as the “One Man Jam Band” because of his frequent use of live phrase looping with many different musical instruments. Though his music tends to lean toward the Bluegrass, Folk, Jam, Reggae, etc. he encompasses quite a range of musical genres... Something for just about everyone! Keller is a self-taught musician which inspires the musician in myself and has also played with plenty of bands along his journey to stardom ;) He also hosts a radio show, “Kellars Cellar” from local establishment, Wally Cleavers, in his hometown of Fredericksburg, VA. You can check it out online sometime if you'd like. Keller has also put out quite a large collection of music for our listening pleasure if you'd like to check it out:
Freek (1994)
Buzz (1996)
Spun (1998)
Breathe (1999) - (with The String Cheese Incident as Keller Williams Incident)
Loop (live) (2001)
Laugh (2002)
Dance (2003)
Home (2003)
Stage (double live) (2004)
Grass (2006) - (with The Keels as Keller & The Keels)
Dream (2007)
12 (2007)
Rex (Live at the Fillmore) (digital download) (2008) - (with Jeff Austin and Keith Moseley as Grateful Grass)
Odd (2009)
Thief (2010) - (with The Keels as Keller & The Keels)
Kids (2010) (Kids Album, due out October 22nd)
So though I'll be sure to follow up on the show YOU be sure to get out and check it out for yourself if you have the time!! For all of you music maniacs in the Aspen area looking for a good reason to venture out of your awesome area this is just the reason you've been waiting for! In the words of the great musical magician Madonna: Music makes the people come together!!!!!