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The Slow Food movement has a robust presence in Aspen, thanks to superstar chefs with industry pull utilizing farm fresh and local ingredients. The core philosophy of Slow Food is mindfully grown produce and livestock that is raised and cultivated with as little environmental impact as possible. Under the helm of executive chef Matthew Zubrod, Slow Food principles are applied at DishAspen with a farm-to-table approach. The sources for the tasty ingredients at DishAspen are artisan, sustainable, organic, and resist the use of yucky rubbish like herbicides and pesticides.

After entertaining tenure as executive chef at the Ritz Carlton at Aspen Highlands, Chef Zubrod and general manager Mitchell Sher opened DishAspen much to the delight of the local foodie scene. Both Zubrod and Sher are originally from New England and self-dubbed DishAspen’s culinary fare as “New England Casual,” though it is miles away from traditional New England comfort food. Dishes like lobster and coconut soup peppered with Thai spices and battered lobster corn dogs add a flare of revolutionary flavors to meals commonly associated with Robert Frost, Cape Cod, Paul Revere, and Plymouth Rock.

DishAspen isn’t just about fish and crustaceans, though patrons will be pleased to hear the high quality seafood is shipped fresh to the kitchen from wharfs around the country. Playful terrestrial entrees like a tender steak of grapevine smoked antelope, Kobe beef burgers, and truffle and Brie grilled cheese with tangy mango ketchup are scrumptious and cooked to order. DishAspen has daily marquee specials and features a twenty-one dollar Dish of the Day. For the hungry but undecided, Zubrod’s Dish of the Day simplifies gourmet entrée selections for a very non-Aspen price. Current selections include: Chicken Parmesan, Veal Stroganoff, Duck Leg Confit, Lamb Shanks, Seafood Paella, Shrimp Fra Diablo, and Kobe Meatloaf.

Inquisitive foodies can enjoy an intimate dining experience in the kitchen at the twelve-person chef’s table. Chef Zubrod will personally prepare between 5 – 15 seasonal small dishes that can be thoughtfully paired with selections from a wine list of over 150 different labels. Zubrod even offers cooking classes on Wednesday afternoons. It’s a unique opportunity for guests to learn from a modern Slow Food master. A reduced-price bar menu is available for snacking on small plates. On Friday nights, the downstairs restaurant emerges as a seductive hot spot for the party crowd. DJs remix funky, danceable lounge grooves and bartenders mixing refreshing cocktails for “Dish After Dark.” In the summer, the patio in the front is open to dine al fresco during pleasant, warm evenings.

DishAspen gets hats off and warm nods of for good food, good wine, and a good time. It is fashionable dining that is perfect for entertaining friends or worth recommending to others.

430 E. Hyman Avenue
Aspen, Colorado 81611