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Bears Invade Aspen, Colorado: A Brief Round Up

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An Aspen BearThe Bear Statue on the Mall in Aspen, Colorado - Photo via bradley_newman/FlickrIt's that time of year again in our fabled mountain town. As the summer sun begins to wane and cast autumn's long, golden mountain shadows, the local high country black bruins are in a calorie-cramming feeding frenzy.

In addition to the Aspen Times, the Aspen Daily News, and a variety of Denver television stations, the bears have received considerable press in the Wall Street Journal and the Pique Newsmagazine of Whistler, Canada. Even the BBC has a great series of pictures showing a bear climbing out of the skateboard park in Snowmass.

According to the Aspen Daily News, over 15 black bruins are feasting on a smorgasbord of trash nightly. The Aspen Police Department has established a highly informative website for visitors and residents to check out.

So far, the bears have caused quite a bit of chaos, including police taking shots at the window of the Aspen Times building, wandering into a fur shop (cosmic justice, perhaps?), and injuring a sleeping women.

A full text media round-up of the pandemonium can be found here. Perhaps KDVR in Denver best summarizes - or sensationalizes - the hype: “As sure as night will fall on Aspen, a band will play, the beautiful people will come out, and this town, famously a playground for the rich, will belong to the bears.”

Embedded video from CNN Video

This is just the bare necessities of the bear spotting in Aspen. Have any pictures of the bears in Aspen? Feel free to share!