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Aspen Ski Company Introduces Employee Volunteer Program

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Aspen Ski Company is taking a positive step towards community progression. The company announced their introduction of a new Employee Volunteer Program effective as of January 1, 2012 to get employees involved with shaping their community.

Independence Pass Clean-upIndependence Pass Clean-up

The volunteer program has the ability to do some serious good if employees are on board. It has the potential to add up to 5,500 hours of community service, and over $330,000 in wages donated, if each full-time, year round employee takes just 16 hours a year of paid time off to volunteer. It seems like a great move for the community, employees and Aspen Ski Company alike. There's something truly empowering about taking time out of your schedule to get involved and help. On the same tip, all those hours are being funneled right back into the community that people in Aspen love to play and work in, enabling the area to in-turn, help itself.

Historically, the program seems right on target with Aspen Ski Company's previous undertakings. ASC continues to support the Environment Foundation which has donated over $2 million, and spread it across 300 nonprofit organizations in the area to restore and preserve the Roaring Fork Valley. CEO Mike Kaplan said, “Employees have often taken part in volunteer activities in the past, building homes with Habitat for Humanity or trails with the U.S. Forest Service or any number of projects. Our volunteer program formalizes this work as a corporate program, and encourages all full-time year-round employees to take on active roles in the community.”

Trail RestorationTrail Restoration

This kind of initiative from a large corporation ski company is great to see, and something I think sets aside the snow industry from a lot of other business industries out there. Our connection to the environment and community in the mountains is so strong. It's a relationship that provides us with the playground of our dreams, our lively hood and a place to call home, and in turn we need to continue to take steps in a positive direction to preserve all we've got.