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Aspen Enviro Conference: Stop the Insanity!

Colin Flaherty's picture

The private jets are gone. The Aspen Environmental Conference is over. But the lunacy lingers on.

Luckily for us, we have some bloggers -- unschooled in Anthony Robbins NLP intellectual cloaking -- to tell us what really happened at this internationally known conference. We caught at least two of them telling the truth.

One blogger, a “Cato Institute Fellow” lamented the “the shortcomings of worldwide regulation … and “how to enhance the effectiveness of global governance.”

Another attendee, eagerly awaiting the apocalypse, said the current crises in climate and finance is just nature’s way of telling us we have to “Reduce standards of living by 20 to 50 percent.”

Burn down the mission! Yeah! You go first.

And you thought this conference was about the environment. As my old mentor used to tell me whenever he caught me saying something stupid: “I love your innocence.”

Other than that, lots of bloggers got fired up when Randy Udall – the senator’s brother – asked an employee of a big power company “how he slept at night” after this guy who actually creates energy questioned some of Mister “My Brother’s a Senator’” statements.

Give Udall credit: At least the “how do you sleep” attack is a lot more original than the standard Al Gore “we settled that question 20 years ago and you are a stupid head for asking it” approach.

Anything is better than having to answer a lot of questions about how the earth has been cooling for 11 years and how today we have record amounts of polar ice on this planet and how people who go to environmental conferences don’t care that we are sending our enemies hundreds of billions of dollars a year for energy while they argue how many hamsters can fit on the head of a treadmill.

In the name of Gaia, can’t someone make it stop?