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Aspen Cougar Hunt?

Colin Flaherty's picture

Aspen cougars, for the time being, are safe.

Video of the local wild cats being stalked and hunted will not be showing up on Wild Kingdom any time soon.

But it appeared that way earlier this month when word got out that Aspen Entertainment Group was looking for locals to help with the production of its latest film “Cougar Hunting.” – “a website for hunting dog enthusiasts around the world” – pumped it up, running a blurb looking for local hunters and canines who might want to make their film debut. Here is a link to the post on

County officials were scurrying around trying to get permission to film at some Aspen sites.

That was before they figured out Aspen Entertainment was talking about a different kind of cougar. Not the ‘killing bighorn sheep in Filoha Meadows near Redstone’ kind.

But the 35-year old, two legged homo sapien female variety known to prey on younger males at local watering holes.

Like Eric’s Bar in Aspen. Last year, Skiing Magazine listed Eric’s one of top “cougar hunting” bars in America.

But what was good enough for Eric’s was not good enough for Pitkin County Commissioners who, after learning what was up, declined to give the producers permission to film their “comedy” in local public buildings.

Regardless, the movie makers at Aspen Entertainment are pressing on with visions of Dumb and Dumber and South Park’s Asspen dancing in their heads.

No German shorthairs need apply.