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Academy Award Winning Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses Come to LIfe at BellyUp Aspen

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From Rodeo to Rock and RollFrom Rodeo to Rock and RollASPEN, CO “Thanks to everyone for coming out to see us. Hope your sunburned hangovers weren’t too painful on your pleasant drive home. Dodging the state troopers, drunks and left-over Roman Candles has forced me into buying this sweet new ride that I found over in South Central. I traded a six pack of Bud for the rims. It’s gonna be a good summer.” - Ryan Bingham, from whatever’s on his mind at

Winning a Golden Globe, Academy Award and Grammy for Best Original Song from the movie Crazy Heart hasn’t really changed much for gritty, down-and-out sounding Outlaw Country hero Ryan Bingham. True, he’s now far from down-and-out, but the raw, earthy, road and world-weary sentiment behind his music still rings true, despite his meteoric rise to center stage and into the spotlight.

Produced by T-Bone Burnett and recorded with backing band The Dead Horses, Bingham’s The Weary Kind provides the perfect accompaniment to Crazy Heart, and Jeff Bridges’ Oscar-winning performance as the legendary, self-destructive crooner “Bad Blake”, described by the Charleston City Paper as “Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle and every whiskey-swilling Texas singer-songwriter combined in one character.”

Yet despite the hoopla and resulting commercial success, Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses remain grounded in the original spirit of their music. “None of us need a hit single or to become a famous rock star,” said Bingham during a post-Academy interview: “just being able to make a living playing music and not having to work ten hours digging holes…makes us fortunate enough.” He remains committed to writing and playing what feels most honest, with personal, first-hand lyrics about where he’s been and what he’s known along the way.